Marketing Strategy

Attention is divided and consumers are well-informed – digital has changed the marketing landscape.

To build an effective marketing plan, you first need to define realistic and measurable objectives. As with any aspect of your business, a marketing strategy impacts how you operate. We work with your team to plan your strategy. Strong marketing programs take several factors into consideration – products, services, and business, your role in the market, your customer profile, competition, and the most useful marketing tactics. This information helps BlindSeer build a marketing plan to maximise effectiveness. Your digital marketing strategy sets the tone for your goals, while the plan outlines specific actions to take to execute your strategy. Your plan covers the current year, but your strategy could be developed for several.

A well-developed strategy will help you execute your goals, and it should highlight what it takes to reach your target audience. There are several components to developing a killer marketing strategy, from identifying your business and marketing goals to researching your market and beyond. If you keep it focused, you will see growth.

Identify Your Business Goals

Your marketing strategy should always align with your business plan’s outlined business goals.
We use your business goals to define your marketing goals. A business goal could be anything from expanding into a new customer segment, or increasing sales of a specific product or increasing brand awareness. You need to be as targeted as you can when setting your goals because that is the only way to effectively measure your results.

Ultimately, once you have identified your business goals, everything we do circles back to your stated goal(s). It doesn’t just inform the marketing strategy. It also impacts how you train your employees, how you provide customer service, and how you source suppliers. Everything you do should stem from your business goal and everything we do will support that.

Establish Marketing Goals

Business goals feed marketing goals. This will keep things clear to maintain a motivated team. And it will also allow you to track success. A marketing goal could be to sell more products to your existing customer base or expand into a new market with existing products. Whatever your marketing goal, it should be clear and concise. It also needs to have a measurable time frame by which you expect to achieve the goal. It will help guide our actions to build you a winning marketing strategy. We work with your budget on your timeframe to craft the best strategy to grow your business.

We build measurable and practical strategies. A marketing strategy isn’t something to change annually; it’s something to revise when you meet a goal or achieve a target. You may need to make amendments if the market shifts or if there is a new technology, competition, or product to consider. We work with you to address marketing in the short and long-term.

Research The Market

Whether you’re looking at marketing programs for social media or traditional marketing channels, market research is key. If you want to unlock a successful marketing campaign, you need to know where you fit in the market and who you’re trying to appeal to. What size is your target market? Is there room for growth? What about demographics like age, family type, gender, and other population statistics? Are there social trends that will influence your campaign? At BlindSeer, we know the market inside out. It’s that knowledge that allows us to adapt and revise your campaign accordingly. We pay attention to shifts and changes in the market so we can maintain relevant, targeted marketing sales.

If you enlist professional consulting services like BlindSeer, our online market research will look much like offline marketing channels market research but focused on digital channels.

Profile Prospective Customers & Competitors

Once the market research is complete, we use it to develop customer profiles. Who is the customer base you are trying to target? And what are their needs? A customer profile highlights buying patterns like where, how, and what they like to purchase.

While identifying and targeting new customers, we won’t forget about maintaining a solid relationship with your existing customer base.

Supportive Strategies

With a clear view of your target markets, we can create strategies to attract and retain. If you want to attract a younger audience, we would look to advertise to students with discounts. For a business that caters to a specific region, we would target our advertising to the people living or working in the region. If you get the right product in front of the right eyes at the right time and at the right price, then you are going to have a successful marketing campaign on your hands.


Before we launch a full-scale campaign, we test and experiment with marketing tactics to ensure it will work effectively. When you work with a marketing strategy consulting firm like BlindSeer, we do a lot of testing of ideas to find out what’s most effective. Enlisting a marketing strategy consulting firm ensures you have experience and knowledge on your side. Whether you’re looking for strategic marketing consultancy, CRO or email marketing, BlindSeer is a full-service agency that can cover all your bases.

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