Reputation Management

Your reputation is your most valuable asset in business.

Word of mouth has evolved and the internet is the biggest reason. It has magnified brand perception from positive content to negative review sites. When customers are posting positive reviews and users and promoting positive news about your brand, it’s excellent. But when you’re faced with a reputation crisis, you need an online reputation management company like BlindSeer. If there is false content circulating about you on the internet, misleading information, or downright negative content, you need to take a proactive approach.

Reputation management is a way for business owners to take back control over what search engines produce in search results. Your about us page can make as many claims as you like, but how people perceive you is how your reputation will play out. And today, that’s what the search engines push to the top of the page when people search for your business. Online reviews can make or break your brand online. The goal of online reputation management services is to reshape public perception about your business, whether you operate a small business or a corporation.

Controlling the Narrative

Reputation management is an important practice for sales and marketing. What people think about your brand and how your brand is discussed has an impact on your sales. You can’t sell to people who do not trust your products or services. With online reputation management services like BlindSeer, you can clear the path for positive customer reviews and maximise their impact. You will have a much higher conversion rate when you have a solid reputation. And the only way to build a solid reputation is to manage people’s perceptions as best you can through reputation management. BlindSeer can help you gain control of the narrative with strategic advice.

The majority of reputation management is related to online presence. Your reputation affects the sales and marketing of your product or service. If your business is to survive you need a strong online reputation and it’s vital to both the success of your business and to building a strong brand. BlindSeer can help you build a strong reputation and recover if there is trouble.

Online Reputation Management

It doesn’t matter how hard you try or even how much you spend on reputation management services, you can’t control what others think. What you can control, however, especially with the help of reputation management companies, is what people see about you online. And what they see will shape how they think about your brand. That is what BlindSeer brings to the table. 

A lot of communication happens online. It’s where people meet their friends, it’s where people discuss and resolve disagreements, read news, and find new products, services, and businesses. People spend a lot of time on the internet and it’s only a matter of time before people start talking about your brand online. The majority of communication today happens online, therefore reputation management is an online function. There’s another reason it’s considered an online service. Nobody is focused on changing one mind or even changing minds individually. Rather, they target arbiters of reputation by writing negative or positive reviews on prestige sites that get a lot of traffic. A bad review on a major review site, such as Google, TripAdvisor or Yelp can break a business.

Online Reputation

Major companies have endured scandals and bounced back because of their online reputation management services. Enron wasn’t able to bounce back after its scandal and it remains to be seen whether the likes of Macquarie Bank will. For others, they have managed blowups regarding their reputation, but at serious costs. Cadbury weathered a salmonella storm, but it came at an almost A$40 million cost. BP managed to come back from the scandal of dumping over a hundred million gallons of gas into the Gulf of Mexico. Many major brands you rely on today have used reputation management strategies to overcome scandals of varying degrees. 

To achieve a positive reputation, you need the right balance of online reviews. Generally, it’s 20% positive, 10% negative, and the remainder neutral. With so many different websites and platforms to spread opinion, people can reach thousands of people (or more) in a single click. Whether they want to complain about poor customer service or a bad product, their voice can be heard. One poorly handled situation can rapidly spiral out of control. Reputation management is the most efficient way to strike the balance of reviews and a full-service agency like BlindSeer can help.

Reputation Builds Business

There is more to building businesses than simple business decisions, personality is also an important factor. The term Streisand Effect was coined after Barbara Streisand moved to suppress records of coastal erosion that included a photo of her home. Her legal move resulted in more attention being brought to the photos and case. When people realise information is being suppressed, they will go to great lengths to get hold of that information. So, when a rich person tries to cover up an affair or a pop star tries to hide a drug problem and it inadvertently gets out – it is referred to as the Streisand Effect. 

Personalities are a big part of business, whether your business bears your name or you’re the face of a company. And when people know names they tend to search those names on the internet. Humans are curious, so they want to read about people, check out reviews, and talk about it on the internet. This can result in a quickly trashed reputation, with so many platforms available. And when someone else looks for you, they might find this harmful information. We live in a very black and white society where you’re either all bad or all good, and it can seriously damage your business. Reputation management companies like BlindSeer handle things discreetly by taking control of the narrative.

Reverse Decisions

When customers have a bad experience, they want to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone who will listen. They are 80% more likely to talk about their bad experience than customers who have a positive shopping experience. It is fairly common for customers to reverse their purchase decision once they view negative content about a product (or brand). If someone wants to buy your product and they look at online reviews, they may be swayed by negative reviews that paint your product poorly. There are real-life consequences to negative online reviews and comments about your brand. Comparatively, the cost of reputation management pales in comparison. 

BlindSeer can help you reverse a reputation issue or we can prevent one from occurring in the first place. A search engine has all but replaced the word-of-mouth referral businesses once relied on. Your reputation is now made by viral twists and turns, whether it’s from a review site or a comment on social media. People respond to the results page.

Who is in control?

Who drives your reputation? This question is one of the biggest reasons for reputation mismanagement. The misunderstanding around it is what leads to the biggest blunders. No brand or business has total control over what others think about them. They do, however, have some control over what people will read about them, which can shape their perception. Reputation management is all about managing perception, cognitive bias, experience, and search results. That’s what BlindSeer can do for you. 

There are many options available to businesses looking to manage their reputations. You can do it yourself or invest in software. Or, you can contract online reputation management services that have the experience and knowledge to do the job correctly. At the core of our job, BlindSeer collects insights to develop strategies that work to grow your business by improving your presence and perception online. The digital world we live in means businesses have unfolding reputations across multiple platforms, which can be challenging to manage. Forums, review sites, social media, blogs, and even Wikipedia are key ‘battlegrounds’. This is where BlindSeer builds your digital reputation because it’s where people look for information.

What don’t you control?

You can be as cautious as possible and still see your brand go viral in the worst way. Restaurants follow rigorous regulations for serving temperatures. Even though a probe confirms a meal is served at the proper 75°, a customer can still get mad. The customers eating around the loudly complaining customer may not have any complaints, but they aren’t likely to go home and write a review about it. The complaining customer will and when he maligns the food as cold slop, the people who read it won’t have the full facts. They will see a poor review and judge the restaurant on an opinion that is only that because the facts differ greatly. The restaurant’s reputation could suffer because a customer wanted to burn his tongue when eating a bowl of soup. 

You also don’t control how your competitors will behave. Unfortunately, many businesses will set out to create fake reviews to damage their competition and bolster their own reputation. Or even pay for someone to make a spate of fake reviews about your business. BlindSeer takes steps to negate all of these issues.

Reputation Management

You can manage your reputation because you can adjust what people see about you. Reputation can address negative news articles, images, blog posts, and reviews. It can also address scam or ripoff sites, as well as social media to an extent. Wikipedia is another important factor as it’s generally one of the highest-ranking pages for just about any person or brand you search. Wikipedia doesn’t require verified sources, and anyone can edit a page to include false information. 

Negative news and viral reputation blowups can fester, lingering in the social consciousness for years. This is true, whether the blowup was factual or not. Journalists often report misinformation on social media, and their correction rarely sees the same numbers as the original report. Reputation blowups are the same; people may see the blowup, and miss the factual resolution. Online reputation management services like BlindSeer use SEO, user behaviour, and cognitive psychology to take control of the situation and take steps to restore your reputation.

Online Reputation Management Services

The road to reputation management starts with BlindSeer analysing the extent of reputation damage. We can’t take action until we know what’s being said about your business. With this information in hand, BlindSeer can take steps to regain control. It may be as simple as issuing an apology and addressing negative reviews, but that all depends on the severity of the situation. We will create a roadmap to recovery. First, we will address the immediate situation, and then we will address your long-term recovery. 

There’s never been a greater need for reputation management, whether you’re a small startup or a Global 500. From tech-savvy people looking to stir up trouble with disinformation to genuine negative reviews, businesses have a lot to deal with when reputations are on the line. When faced with a crisis that could ruin your brand, you need online reputation management services. 

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