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BlindSeer, a visionary digital marketing company, is owned by David Schneider. Under his leadership, the company thrives, providing cutting-edge insights and innovative solutions. His strategic direction ensures BlindSeer remains a trailblazer in the marketing industry.

More Than 7 Years of Industry Experience

BlindSeer, a distinguished digital marketing company, specializes in elevating businesses through unparalleled SEO and Google Ads expertise. Our approach revolves around innovative strategies, marrying cutting-edge insights with creative solutions to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our approach is one that has driven success for many of our clients with strong frameworks, creative thinking, and outside-the-box solutions. As well as being so results driven we also ensure that what we do is scalable, efficient & ethical.

Technical Foundation

We ensure the basics are implemented and maintained across technical SEO, content, authority & our advertising campaigns. By creating measurable and trackable implementation through best practice systems. We will uncover key issues limiting performance and build a roadmap to deliver and exceed your goals.

Scalable Activities

Leveraging partnerships and ensuring that everything we do is scalable so that when something works well we can capitalise on it to achieve even greater results.

We’re also constantly thinking about new opportunities that brands can pursue.

Data Informed

We don’t like to guess! Everything we do is done with a purpose and utilising data points available through both first-party assets such as analytics, search console or Google ads and through third-party tools like SEMRush, AHRefs & Google Insights. We used informed decisions to identify opportunities to grow brands.


We focus on optimising assets through a continuous system we call ASERR

Analysis > Analyse opportunity
Strategy > Create a strategy
Execution > Execute the strategy
Review > Review the results
Repeat > Learn and repeat

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