National Waterproofing Company Doubles Their Leads In Four Months, Maximising Their ROI And Helping Customers Across Australia

The Problem

Projex, an Australian waterproofing company, was spending significant amounts of money on Google Ads but receiving extremely poor quality leads which meant the sales team had to sort through and speak to many unqualified and non-serious buyers. This resulted in a waste of time, money and resources for the company. BlindSeer identified the following gaps to work on.

  • The keyword targeting was too broad to capture the right customers
  • The ad offers were not aligned with the sales targets of the company
  • The ad funnel was not nurturing the leads effectively to take them to a sales call

The solution

BlindSeer collaborated with Projex to develop a precise strategy for running Google Ads that maximise the ROAS (Return on ad spend) while ensuring that leads were effectively being moved through to sales calls. The following solutions were implemented to achieve this:

  • Specific keywords were used based on data analytics and relevance to the customer search volume and intent
  • The ad funnel as well as digital assets were updated to align with keywords, client expectations and customer needs
  • Monthly reviews of ads and customer meetings were conducted to accurately measure the results and adjust as needed to maximise ROAS

The Results

  • 200% increase in conversion quality
  • 50% reduction in Cost Per Lead

Incoming quote.

– Marie Leroux, Marketing Manager

Projex specialises in providing the highest quality PVC commercial waterproofing systems Australia-wide.