Search Marketing is the number one way to boost online traffic.

A Search Marketing Agency like BlindSeer can get you off to the right start, but you need to first understand what search marketing is and the method behind the strategy. You can’t build a successful strategy unless you understand what makes it work

Hire a search marketing agency that cares?

When you visit a search engine, you type text into the search box. This is your search query, and the results direct you to the search engine results page (SERP), where you will receive a list of web pages that best match your query. The higher a business ranks, the greater its website traffic will be. How high up the results page is your website?

BlindSeer can help you boost your SERP ranking. The question to answer now is how do search engines decide who gets pushed to the top of the SERP? There are two main methods that search engines rely on to properly rank page results – SEO and SEM/PPC.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how web pages can drive organic traffic through unpaid efforts like content marketing. If you have a marketing budget, you can hire professional SEO services to write SEO content for your website. At BlindSeer, we optimise existing content, look for gaps, and build links. Digital marketing services like we offer at BlindSeer can provide you with a range of search marketing options and SEO strategies.

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is paid advertising, such as Google ads. Essentially, it is when you use paid advertisements to appear in search engine listings. BlindSeer can help you create strong marketing campaigns that balance SEO and PPC to maximise your success.

Why does search marketing matter?

You can view live stats for how many Google searches there have been today so far. The daily global estimate is 5.6 billion and an estimated 2 trillion annual searches. On average, people use the services at least three times daily. Just think of what that could mean for your business if you appeared on the first page of the results.

Whether someone is looking for a game cheat, restaurant reviews or simply can’t remember the name of the actor who appeared in that thing, your site could be the one that answers their query. This is why search marketing is critical to ensure your product and services are highlighted. And at BlindSeer we take steps to push your website up the search rankings through on and offsite SEO.

Marketing companies come with years of experience and BlindSeer can provide you with a full-service digital marketing strategy to boost your business. Whether you need technical SEO, online marketing or you want to improve user experience, a BlindSeer has the knowledge and expertise required. Every business needs a strong website, and the only way to drive traffic and gain attention is through search marketing.

Drive organic traffic with search engine optimisation

If you want to drive organic traffic, then SEO is the way to do that. Organic results are the unpaid links that appear on SERPs. These are the results you find below the list of sponsored or paid search ads.

How do people push themselves to the first SERP?

Search engines send ‘spiders’ crawling over the internet to read text internet-wide. These spiders crawl through documents, PDFs, web pages, and source code to rank content. Search engines want to produce the best possible results.

If your link is ignored on the SERP or if visitors leave quickly, it can lower your rankings. SEO is your opportunity to produce content that is unique, valuable, relevant, and of high quality. You can use it to build authority and boost your search rankings. You don’t need a digital marketing agency to do it for you, but a search marketing agency like BlindSeer can certainly help get you off on the right path. It’s time-consuming, and the results can be slow, with results in an expected three to six months.

If you’re looking for immediate growth, PPC may be a more appropriate path. We can discuss your needs and budget to make the best decision for the growth of your business.

Gain quick wins and track immediate return on investment through PPC

PPC is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, and it produces results much quicker than search engine optimisation. It also provides you with more control over search result placement. The majority of websites net their SERP results from a mixture of unpaid and paid search marketing strategies.

In terms of paid search marketing, you tell the search engine which search terms you want your ads to appear for. And when someone clicks on a paid search ad you pay (per click). CPC is cost-per-click, and this is what you pay when someone follows your link from the SERP. You control your max CPC. But the CPC can be determined by Quality Score and keyword competition level. When you bid for a keyword, you’re essentially in a live auction that will determine your CPC and ad ranking.

Paid search marketing or SEM can be a complicated process because there are a lot of ins and outs to consider. This is why a search marketing agency like BlindSeer can help you get up and running to make a real difference to your website traffic. We know the process, and we have the necessary knowledge to build a strategy and execute it for maximum effect.

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