Search Engine Optimisation is the most cost effective way to boost online traffic.

Are we good at SEO? Of course we’re great at SEO! What company wouldn’t say they were amazing? But that’s ok you don’t have to believe our word for it, give us a chance and inquire about our no lock SEO contracts and let us prove it.

We believe so strongly in our success that if we don’t achieve growth for your brand in six months we’ll give you a credit for an entire months work.

So what is SEO?

SEO is the function of optimising a website in order to get that website to appear in one of the top positions on a search engine.

Traditionally people look at Google when they think of this. It turns out that over 30% of people will click the first result in Google when they search a term. More importantly 90% of all clicks through to websites happen on the first 10 positions in the results. While this is traditionally thought of as page one, in the world of mobile and endless scrolling we like to reference it as ‘clickable positions’.

Since this is our entire focus as a business, we’re great at it. So, how do we do this? We break SEO into three distinct pillars; Technical, OnSite & OffSite. Now lets break these down.

Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is what we refer to as all of the underlying bits underneath a website. These are the bits that a user doesn’t directly see when they’re looking at a page. Examples of what would be included in technical SEO are:

  • Heading structure – Properly using H1, H2 and subsequent components to show search engines how the content on a page relates to itself
  • Schema markup – Implementing underlying code to encourage search engines to show your content in a specific way when it’s searched. An example would be review markup which shows reviews of products in the search results page
  • Internal & External Linking – All of the links in your website which point to somewhere internal or external are important as they provide authority to various pages on your website and helps search engines to better crawl your website. Having these implemented with redirects can negatively impact your website for search engines but for the end user makes no difference.

Technical SEO is the foundation for all campaigns. It’s generally something that we perform at the start of a campaign as a heavy component and then monitor over time to ensure that it remains strong without need to continuously put in that heavy lifting.

Onsite SEO

Unlike technical SEO which is the pillar relating to everything the user doesn’t see, onsite SEO refers to everything that is visible to the end user. So in this case we’re referring mostly to content.

Valuable and targeted content for service, category & product pages is essential for ensuring that a website ranks for super valuable commercial keywords that will drive actual organic sales.

Additionally, creating topical content around informational terms that target people in the earlier research stages that will drive people to your website as they start to consider making a purchase. This is traditionally done through a blog or articles section of a website but some informational stuff can be placed as an independant resource.

When we perform any sort of content creation we aim to create content which follows Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines which provide the most relevant and helpful content for the end user and drives the highest chance of ranking the content in search results. For a more in-depth understanding, SEMRush has created an overview to understand bot E-E-A-T & YMYL.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO, or link building, drives topical authority for a website.

One major factor in all search engine rankings is authority. A link that is obtained on another website which points to your content is a huge signal that the content is authoritative. If other people are talking about your content and willing to use it as a source then you’re clearly a market leader in your space.

Our link building services are second to none as we provide links from high authority websites through the use of both traditional and modern link building strategies.

But does your SEO system work?

We like to let the results speak for themselves. We recently took on an eCommerce client and implemented our three pillar strategy. The results within just six months have been amazing:

  • 98% growth in organic traffic
  • 25% increase in domain authority score (SEMRush metric)
  • 70% increase in total indexed keywords
  • 46% increase in total number of keywords in the first three organic positions

Again, we’re so confident that it will work for you that we’ll credit you an entire month for free if we don’t see growth in a the first six months of your campaign.

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