Local Sydney Plumber Increases Sales By 300% In Less Than Six Months While Reducing Lead Costs By 30% Using Google Ads

The Problem

GSM Plumbing needed to obtain extra leads with a very limited Google Ads budget.

With a limited budget, targeting the greater Sydney area wouldn’t be focused enough.

Additionally, targeting broad relevant terms would result in a large number of leads which resulted in few to no sales and reduced the return on investment.

The solution

We chose to develop a google ads strategy based on our historical knowledge and continuous monitoring of data.

By focusing on what would normally be considered a very costly search term within a single local area.

The campaign could focus on driving fewer overall but highly relevant clicks and leads which resulted in actual sales.

The Results

  • 4x Return on Ad Spend
  • 300% increase in leads to sale result
  • 30% decrease in cost per click

Incoming quote.

– Greg Murray, GSM Plumbing

As an Australian owned and operated business, GSM Plumbing specialises in residential plumbing across the Hills and commercial and civil plumbing across Sydney.