Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is about increasing website or app conversions by percentage.

You want visitors to arrive on your website, app or landing page and answer your call to action. You might want them to complete a web form. It might be that you want them to create an account or even make a purchase. CRO is what makes that happen. What can be improved and what can you do to make those improvements? It’s a bit like a math problem. What do customers do once they enter your sales funnel? At BlindSeer, we hypothesise and test to validate the hypotheses. 

A conversion is a visitor who completes your site goal. A macro-conversion is the primary goal, which is for a visitor to make a purchase (if you sell products). Other examples of macro-conversions include a service subscription or a quote request. There are micro-conversions as well, including account creation, email list signups, and adding products to a basket. So, the conversion rate is the number of times someone completes your site goal divided by the number of unique visitors your site receives. If 100 people visit your site and 100 people buy, you have a perfect conversion rate. You set the goals and we make it happen.

Why CRO Matters

Why does conversion rate optimisation matter? CRO is key to reducing customer acquisition costs because you increase the value of existing users and new visitors. When you improve the user experience you increase your bottom line by increasing per visitor revenue. As an example, you build a landing page that has 2,000 visitors each month, with a 10% conversion rate. That means your landing page is generating 200 conversions monthly. We carry out an audit and our CRO audit identifies several pain points. We understand how your users interact with your site. By optimising your landing page we can produce real results and increase the conversion rate; even a 5% jump equates to an additional 100 conversions. 

In terms of conversion rate optimisation, there is always room for improvement. And if you want to take your CRO to the next level, a conversion rate optimisation agency like BlindSeer can deliver results.

Calculating Conversion Rates

Every time a user visits your site, it’s an opportunity to convert them. You want them to convert as much as possible. Assume the first time a new user visits your site it’s to familiarise themselves with your product and just learn more about the business. When they visited the second time, they bought a single item. This is classed as a conversion. They visited a third time and purchased three products. This is also classed as a conversion and even though they bought several products it is a single conversion. To work out the conversion rate you divide the number of purchase orders by the total sessions. The user above visited three times in one day and placed two orders, therefore, the conversion rate is 66%. For your site, you do the same. If you received 100 unique orders and 500 sessions you have a conversion rate of 20%. We can work with you to create a realistic CRO goal that fits your budget, and we’ll make it happen.

CRO Provides Customer Insight

If you want to get a better understanding of your target audience, CRO can help. You can learn what messaging, content, and language works best to meet their needs. Conversion rate optimisation services focus on finding the target customer for your product or service. It’s no use to increase visits to your site if they are the wrong audience. 

Once you use a CRO agency, you will make the most of your resources. By targeting the right audience you increase your CRO, and in turn, you will have a much higher return on investment.  CRO services will maximise lead generation, increase conversion, and win you new customers. An agency will use case study results and Google analytics to gain customer insights and improve CRO. BlindSeer won’t just run a CRO campaign, we provide you with a blueprint for success.

Improve User Experience


Usability holds a major sway over CRO. If a user feels good using your site, then they are more likely to stick around. If your site is cluttered, difficult to navigate, hard to read, and slow to load, users will bounce. On the other hand, if it has a clean, sophisticated look and they feel comfortable navigating it, they’re going to explore more. 

CRO looks at what is working for your site. And a conversion rate optimisation agency like BlindSeer will expand on everything that works to improve the user experience. Likewise, we will take note of what doesn’t work and take steps to optimise those areas. Things like too many ads or intrusive ads that block parts of your page may annoy a visitor so much they leave. With A/B Testing we can identify what works best for your audience.

Scalability & Trust

There isn’t an infinite audience to draw from, but CRO allows you to grow without running out of prospective buyers. It’s all about converting the browsers into paying customers. By doing this your business grows and you attract a steady stream of new customers. 

Trust is a major part of the customer journey. They want to know your site is genuine, otherwise, they won’t hand over their payment details. Your site is a salesperson and it has to be professional and informative. Otherwise, customers will leave and look for another site offering a similar product or service. BlindSeer brings knowledge and experience to the table and can help you clean up your website and build trust with visitors.

eCommerce Conversion Rates

The key to maximising CRO is knowing where you need to optimise, what you should optimise, and who you are optimising for. This will form the foundation of a successful conversion rate optimisation strategy. Without the right data, you can’t make logical decisions on how best to use your budget. That’s what BlindSeer brings to the table. And we use Google Analytics to track conversions and gather information about users. You can learn more about visitors with satisfaction surveys, on-site surveys, and user testing. When you enlist the services of a conversion rate optimisation agency, the professionals can advise you on how best to move forward.

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